Let’s make Hope famous!

It’s a relational, community-oriented approach (“Why cultivating spiritual discussions with the unchurched is important!”), that we are excited to tell you about. A unique evangelistic  experience, Hope Trending: A Crash Course in How to Live Without Fear where your church, your small groups and even individual members can participate creating a unique community experience.

Speaking to us are Lead Pastor, Dwight Nelson and Pastor for Evangelism, Rodlie Ortiz of Pioneer Memorial Church.

Three components make this evangelistic series unique: the  model, the experience, and the follow-up.

The  Model:

  1. a series of 10, one-hour live, streaming evangelistic broadcasts. However, instead of the usual “one hour, 140 slides” presentation (an important arrow in our evangelistic quiver but not the most effective one for reaching 3rd millennials), each broadcast will be broken up into segments including a 20 minute TED-style talk.
  1. a 20-minute live panel discussion where people can interact via your hand technology. How can you, your church or small groups can participate?–via watch parties. Just got to hopetrending.org/pastors to know more and hand over the link (hopetrending.org) to your small group leadership (or anybody who wants to participate) so they may host a watch party.
Church Online Platform

RPCSDA, right here in our Potomac Conference, have been using the free churchonlineplatform.com resource to reach more people for Christ. Visit http://rpcsda.churchonline.org/

People can also watch Hope Trending live on digital devices via the free church online platform – the churchonlineplatform.com. This Church broadcasting tool is available for use by ANY church wishing to broadcast live streaming or uploaded filmed events. Nelson and Ortiz  explain that another option is to view “Hope Trendinglive on the Hope Channel. They offer a wide variety of viewing options including DirecTV, Satellite, and Roku. For additional information on viewing Hope Trending on Hope Channel visit hopetrending.org.”

The Experience:For many, entering a church for an evangelistic event is a stumbling block. For those who are not familiar with ‘what goes on’ in Seventh Day Adventist churches, it is even more daunting. So, this barrier is removed. Church members organize Watch Parties in their living rooms. Members show their commitment by inviting family, friends, coworkers, neighbors. Via a computer-TV hookup, or individual digital devices, everyone participates in the comfort and warmth of people who are known and trusted.

The Follow-up:There is only so much that 10, one-hour events can do. But now that the group has been formed, continue it! Meet once a week for further study and fellowship, asking the important questions, wrestling with the important concepts, moving toward the goal. Hope Trendingprovides lots of helpful resources.

Skeptical?Nelson and Ortiz explain the genius behind this concept—it wasn’t created by ‘a bunch of pastors’ but by the very people churches are hoping to reach. Three independent focus groups of young adults ALL came up with this concept.

Hope Trendingis available to all churches and does not require any pre-registration or sign up. Here is a package of information(PDF download) to help you get started.

Find out more about what it is and how to take advantage of this important evangelistic opportunity by

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