“And let them make Me a sanctuary,
that I may dwell among them.”

Exodus 25:8

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Cultivating people to be the church wherever they are

In Exodus 25:8 we find the foundation of the Cultivate movement  The word for Sanctuary (Miqdash) establishes a moving dynamic presence that is not afraid to invade darkness. The word for dwell (shakan) establishes God’s presence in the midst of the ordinary (human living--daily activities). Throughout Scripture, the Temple moves with its light with the purpose to transform lives. Go to our website and get best online casino uk. Hurry up to go and start winning.

So, Jesus becomes flesh, moves towards the community, listens to their needs, provides for them then bade them “Follow Me".

Neither Jesus nor his disciples were waiting for people to come to them or to a temple where they were but Jesus and his disciples always went to where the need was. Buy best baby toothbrush. Monitor your child's dental health.

To be more precise, in their worlds of influence.

Because each person in our world of influence has a world of influence of his/her own. So we focus on the person, and our reach goes beyond the building to the place where the disciple lives life. We move “from a building-based to a circle-of-influence based outreach.” You, the disciple, become the agent of Kingdom transformation through a life deepened in grace and a urgent message for a time such as this. Play with us at the best casino on the internet at onlinecasino. Doubled deposit! Go over and win!

In short, being present in people’s lives and creating great relationships will give us the opportunities to say “Follow Me.”

We at Cultivate want to give EVERY church the resources to be like Him.

We can together cultivate and reap the harvest “by reaching one precious soul at a time.”

When we looked around, we saw that there are many churches which ARE doing exciting, meaningful and incarnational evangelism!

Among these pastors and laity is a tremendous wealth of resources. We thought...

“How can we pool and share these resources so that ALL churches can benefit?” How can we inspire you and activate you for mission?

Our answer was CULTIVATE.

Cultivate is an initiative that challenges members to break beyond their walls and create a unique community presence. It’s about living life with others who don’t know about Jesus and, in our kindness, companionship, and acts of love, earning opportunities to share the Message

Imagine 34,000+ disciples becoming agents of transformation in their world of influence… get the picture?

A Collaborative Platform

amplifying leaderships by connecting people with like minds

A Resource Pool

sharing ideas, talent, time, information, and funds to help all participating churches succeed in their cycles of evangelism.

A Hosting Medium

providing a platform for participating churches to manage events, courses, and programs.