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Vegas, Macau, Genting Highland and Live Casino Malaysia

Tired of going Genting? Las Vegas and Macau are too far? Try Malaysia live casino, enjoy live casino games at home. Choose the best live casino in Malaysia.

Betting activity has been practised by humans since centuries ago, People can bet on any sports, competitions, or any numbers that come to them. Gambling is a significant element in human history, it trains people courage, mentality, capability of response and decision making, and ability to organise and use a strategy.

Betting industry is rapidly developing worldwide, with more betting games and methods invented, making the players more exciting and interesting. More casinos are built in many countries, contributing income to their economies as an important sector.

There are few popular locations or cities which are famous with their gaming facilities, where betting lovers desire to visit for, and gain the good experience and knowledge, whether they have won the money or not.

Las Vegas vs Live Casino Malaysia

Las Vegas is the most famous gaming city in the United States. Well known as ‘’City Of Gamble”, there are approximately 64 casinos in Vegas, each providing various betting games. Tourists get fascinated in the city which never sleeps and getting more happening at nights.

Most of the gambling enterprises worldwide operate their casinos in Las Vegas, with luxurious grand buildings and wonderful facilities, attracting millions of visitors every year.

Some of the most famous casinos in Vegas include the great Caesar Palace, Wynn Casino, Bellagio Casino, The Venetian, ARIA Casino, Red Rock Casino, MGM Grand Casino, The Cosmopolitan, Mandalay Bay Casino and many more.

Macau vs Malaysia Live Casino

Macau is a region of the People’s Republic of China, is the largest gambling city in the world, where its revenue from gaming is far more than Las Vegas. Gaming industry contributed nearly 70% of Macau’s government funds, while around 70% of the visitors are from mainland China.

With an area of 32.9km2 , Macau has approximately 41 casinos, known as ‘’one casino in each street’’, providing bettings of casino games, sports booking, lottery, horse racing and even dog racing.

Monte Carlo vs Live Casino Malaysia

Monte Carlo in Monaco as the most famous gaming city in Europe, consists of 4 casinos, including the grand and reputed Casino de Monte Carlo.

Genting Highlands vs Live Casino in Malaysia

As the only legal gambling venue in Malaysia, Genting Highlands is known as the ‘gambling mountain’’ among Malaysians. Located at the peak of Mount Ulu Kali, Pahang, Genting Highlands has 2 casinos which are Genting Casino and SkyCasino, both operated by Resorts World Genting.

Genting Highlands is also a city of entertainment consisting of various leisure facilities such as indoor and outdoor theme parks, concert arena, video arcade, snow world and shopping malls. Instead of entertainment and gaming purposes, Genting Highlands is popular with its cold temperature to attract people to refresh themselves from the hot weather.

Those famous cities of entertainment above are attractive and fascinating, however, what if you don’t like to hang out somewhere especially overseas for betting purposes? Why not come and experience the live casino Malaysia online, where you can play this at home any time.

The Best Malaysia Live Casino

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As a trusted casino live Malaysia, We1Win ensures the players enjoy their betting with the most secured, safest and comfortable environment, as the delightment and pleasure are not less than the physical casinos.

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