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I would like to invite you to join me every Wednesday where I will be hosting a prayer call via Facebook Live until March 11th. Subscribe above and we will send a reminder as well as share infrequent biblical words of encouragement.

Peter Casillas - Cultivate Initiatives | Potomac Conference


Prayer – Jan 18th

Text “Pray” to 703-454-5450


Prayer – January 11th

2nd Wednesday of prayer–Praying for you & the Cultivate Initiative in Potomac Conference… this time for those (who never heard, who are seeking peace, who are seeking to come back to Jesus, who desire to come & see) who come to hear about Jesus through the presentations that will take place through meetings, Life-groups, bible…

Weekly Prayer Call (2)

Prayer – Jan 4th

Inviting you to pray every Wednesday until March 11, 2017 for our Cultivate Initiative in Potomac Conference where 110 churches in the first six months of this year will be reaching out to their communities with the Jesus Message. Join me … share with others … I’m hoping to have 1,000 prayer warriors praying for…

Praying for the Cultivate Initiate - 3 Goals

Starting new churches

A church is a group of people who bring healing and the Good News to a community – a safe place for people to find hope in Him. There are 35 target areas we need to plant a redemptional presence in, making positive differences that allow for opportunities to share Jesus.

Creating a platform for young professionals to be nurtured, inspired and activated into mission.

INSPIRE is an experience where Millennials can wrestle with God, find strength and inspiration and be equipped to move into mission using their creativity and insight.

Producing conference-wide evangelistic experiences and reaping events in 2017.

The desire is have believers, of all ages and backgrounds, working together to make the Potomac Conference Corporation a unified family working toward the common goal of winning souls. In 2017, we hope to reap our unified efforts and have a record breaking year in attendance and baptisms in our churches and schools.


We need to support one another’s vision for evangelism and sharing Jesus through camaraderie, encouragement and by giving. By supporting each other, we become a movement – a powerful force that is more than just a building; more than just a worship session; more than just you or me. Imagine what we can do together!