Supercharge your Calendar

Today, let’s talk about maximizing your calendar usage by promoting a culture that RSVP.  We are all familiar with the phrase acronym RSVP for special events like weddings and banquets.  A simple RSVP lets people know you’re coming.

Building a culture that RSVP benefits your church in many ways.  Discover three ways it helps…

Here are three.

When members RSVP – you can determine if you’ll have meeting quorum before the meeting starts, WITHOUT the endless back and forth email chain.
RSVP reports – the clerk can effortlessly contact attenders who said yes they were coming,.
Centralized report – all group participants contact information and RSVP response is stored in one central location,  accessible a few clicks;  Thus eliminating the need to carry around a phone book + a frantic search through your email messages to determine who said they were coming.
It saves time and energy, thus allowing your team to focus on the Vision and Mission of your Church.

Learn more about managing your church calendar here


Can you think of other ways, a simple RsVP benefits your church?  Write your thoughts below, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. says:

    Great post. It gives great ideas on areas to focus for community engagement. Of course the needs of each individual community will vary some but this is an extremely helpful starting point.

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