8 steps to help you reach more people online


Let’s start at the very beginning.
Why does your church even need to think about the way it uses its digital tools like its website, social media, mobile app and email list?

You probably have a website – and you might even be utilising Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

You probably have email addresses of all your members and email them periodically to keep everyone up-to-date about different events and news.
But have you ever wondered if you should invest in your church or
ministry’s digital presence? Are you doing all you can?
What’s a digital strategy, anyways?
Let’s start with a working definition for the phrase “Digital Strategy”.
A digital strategy is all about being intentional in the way you use your digital tools to minister to your congregation and share Jesus with your community.
Simply put, the digital tools that should come to mind include:

  • an effective, communication focused, mobile-ready digital presence (website and app),
  • a great content generation strategy for things like blogs, podcasts and e-newsletters (content is king),
  • a solid portal into your online giving and store revenue generation
  • as well as various media to capture new visitors (email opt-ins), connect with your members (ChMS) and communicate your message through email, social, SMS and push notes.

As you are probably beginning to see, your church’s digital strategy is a full time communication and creative ministry! It isn’t a checklist of things you need to set then forget. It is the catapult for creating and maintaining a successful digital campus: your church online.
Don’t be scared off, though. The mere fact that you are reading this ebook is the first step you can take in a step-by-step process of planning or reworking your digital strategy. This ebook will walk you through several of those steps and give you some simple, tested ideas of how you can take action.
Now, why should I care?

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