INSPIRE 2016 Wrap Up (+ Survey)

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Inspire Experience - Friday

Inspire Experience - Sabbath Projects

Inspire Experience - Sabbath

Inspire Experience - Sunday

Inspire Weekend Spreads Kindness to Community

An energetic and smiling group of young adults stood on a busy street corner in downtown Silver Spring (Md.) this weekend, holding colorful signs and offering free hugs. “It’s been an emotional week for some and we wanted to bring joy to people’s days,” said Sonia Perez, associate pastor of the Beltsville church (Md.) and an Inspire event coordinator. After standing on the corner for just a few minutes, one woman, passing by, asked if she could join and ran back to her parked car to retrieve her own “free hugs” sign. Many were happy to get a hug, some even rolling down their car windows to receive one from inside their vehicles.

In addition to offering a free embrace, huggers provided free beverages and snacks and encouraged people to write down one thing they are worried about for the future and one thing they are excited for. “We don’t want to focus on the negative, but focus on us being part of a community and understanding that we are all together,” explained Mollie Creason.

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