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Inspire 2016 will take place during November 11-13, 2016 at the Convention Center in Silver Springs, MD

This is a place for you; a platform where you can launch your creative juices into mission. A place to share your voice and to enjoy some local missional opportunities together with your peers. You will spend time in the Word, have discussions about it and break bread together.
Here are the details:

  1. The cost is $49 for early registration—everything included; $65 for late registration (two weeks prior to the event).
  2. Dress comfortably with good walking shoes—we hope to break a sweat serving others.
  3. Friday dinner starts at 6pm.
  4. On the Sabbath, we start at 8:45am with the 30,000 Finger Project.
  5. On Sunday, we start at 9am with the Inspire Shark Tank Concept.
  6. Register  to choose your project.  When you register, you will be able to participate in the Shark Tank Concept (this will only be available to early registrants).


  • busking – Using your musical gifts, participate as a street musician and find new ways to outreach with your talents in your community.
  • improv – Using humor and acting in an informal setting to create on the spot messages or entertainment that will give you ways for relational opportunities to share Jesus.
  • intentional acts of kindness – Love in Action. Reach your community through simple acts of kindness. Creating a world of pay it forward.
  • entrepreneurship – Your ideas matter. Creating opportunities that come out of your passion that can be used as a ministry. Then allowing your passion for your profession to be the bridge that reaches your community.
  • homeless ministry – “You Feed them.” Work with community homeless services that meet more then just physical needs of the participants.
  • home repairs – Making a house a home. Help repair local homes of those in need.

Resources to help promote Inspire

Here are some resources for you to download and share with your friends on Social Media or over email

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Silver Spring Civic Center (Get Directions)

One Veterans Place
Silver Springs, Maryland 20910

Feature Events

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11 Nov