Calling all Young Adult Professionals:

Get Inspired to Change Your World, One Life at a Time


You may have been feeling left out of ‘church stuff’.

I mean, we have adventurers, pathfinders, AY then Adults.

Meanwhile, the young adult professional crowd has been longing for some action within their faith. Longing to be empowered with their creative thinking and energized to change their worlds of influence.

Inspire is about creating a starting point, a platform where inspiration, nurturing and empowering can converge; a way that you can step out in faith.

It’s a safe place for our young adult professionals to explore possibilities within their walk with God, explore the gifts that God has uniquely equipped them with and try them out.

Inspire is mainly for Young Adult Professionals.

We envision this crowd at some point, becoming the bridge that reaches the next generation; the mentors to inspire the ones following you. Right now, we seek you because we believe there is great potential for Kingdom growth within your ranks. Whether you are in college or the professional world, whether you have a young family—this is for you.

We don’t pretend to know all about your needs but we want to open possibilities for you within your faith. We want to support you as much as we can in the hope that some of you within this crowd will start a powerful missional movement that will lead many to God.

Inspire is a platform that provides

• an experience once a year.

• a hub where you can be in touch at any time.

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The Experience

How did we come up with this idea?

We sat with young adult professionals and they told us, “Please don’t preach to us. Don’t give us a bunch of seminars where we are just sitting down and you are talking.” That’s how we came up with an experiential event that is about creating missional movement.

There will be the Inspire-talks—Ted-like talks through which we hope to nurture and inspire you into action.

However, most of the time will be spent getting your creativity flowing and your hands and feet ‘dirty’ (into action) via 7 projects.

Everyone who comes to this experience, from those who register to those who speak to those who volunteer, will be participating in one of the projects.


As part of this experience, we will have a project that will require 30,000 fingers and a concept like shark-tank where young adult professional groups can seek funding by presenting a missional project that they will put into action in their local church.

In this experience you will find music, word, call to action and ways to share your voice through round tables.

Our hope is that by interacting with the outside world, you may see Jesus in different ways and find your passion for how you want to engage in mission.

We feel that this experience is an evolving one and what that means is that we will be listening to your voices to shape and form the Inspire Experience.

The other aspect that has us excited is the registration process which creates the hub.


When a young adult professional registers, they will automatically be included in the Inspire Tribe—the hub. The reason for this is communication. We don’t want to have a one-time event and “see you later”. We want to keep you connected to each other.

This means that if suddenly one church needs hands & feet for some type of outreach, they can share it with the Tribe and call out for help.

It means that if we want to organize something to impact our Capital, we call for our forces there.

It means that if there is the possibility of having some social time where you can bring friends, we can let the Tribe know via the hub.

Our prayer is that you will be Inspired to challenge yourself by joining us.

The possibilities of communicating with each other for mission will be amazing.