Cultivate looks different to everyone and the needs of each community are unique.

We need to support one another’s vision for evangelism and sharing Jesus through camaraderie, encouragement and by giving. By supporting each other, we become a movement – a powerful force that is more than just a building; more than just a worship session; more than just you or me. Imagine what we can do together!


There are 3 different ways you can support Cultivate


Shop talk is worth every minute of our time. This concept of ‘shoptalk’ allows churches to share and develop ideas that fit into their contexts. Through shoptalk, creativity finds its place into our vision and execution of great plans. That is why your contribution is so important and necessary. What you are doing can help others find pathways to accomplish missions in their settings. Start writing or create a video or just give us some of your time for a 15-30 minute interview. Get in touch with us here


When we share our resources (tools and strategies), everyone benefits. Churches on the receiving end benefit from things which they may not be able to afford on their own. Those giving benefit from their goodwill and helpfulness. What can you share to benefit us all? Get in touch with us here


I invite you to join me in donating monthly to Cultivate. You can also donate online by clicking on the link below or donate at your church by writing “Cultivate” on the evangelism line on a tithe envelope. Could you manage $10 a month, or perhaps a bit more?