Chalottesville Celebrates With ‘Holy Mess’

harlottesville Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated Sabbath with a ‘holy mess.’ Members participated in the city’s Bike Walk Play JPA, an open street event, which celebrates connections between people, neighborhoods, local organizations and businesses. The event is open to any form of active travel or recreation.

“As a church, we bought large canvases which said: Celebrate Community; Celebrate Love; Celebrate Diversity, and then invited the community to ‘messy church,’ where they could decorate the canvases with paint,” said Daniel Xisto, pastor. “Some used their hands while others used plungers that we have provided. We also provided a balloon puppet show every half hour, which told and celebrated the story of Jesus.”

As the time outdoors came to a close, Xisto placed one of the decorated banners in the church. “I want it to serve as an illustration,” he said, “we are here to engage with our community. I hope this banner shows our desire and keeps us motivated in pushing forward with spreading the gospel across the world.”


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