Prayer – Jan 18th

Text “Pray” to 703-454-5450

Prayer – January 11th

2nd Wednesday of prayer–Praying for you & the Cultivate Initiative in Potomac Conference… this time for those (who never heard, who are seeking peace, who are seeking to come back to Jesus, who desire to come & see) who come to hear about Jesus through the presentations that will take place through meetings, Life-groups, bible…

Prayer – Jan 4th

Inviting you to pray every Wednesday until March 11, 2017 for our Cultivate Initiative in Potomac Conference where 110 churches in the first six months of this year will be reaching out to their communities with the Jesus Message. Join me … share with others … I’m hoping to have 1,000 prayer warriors praying for…

cultivating relationships


Why cultivating spiritual discussions with the unchurched is important!

Call it evangelism; call it outreach; call it spreading the Word. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s part of our growth as Christians . Why then are many of us hesitant about  it? There are plenty of reasons but one of the most common is fear. Specifically, the fear that our attempts at spiritual…

Stanley Makes Summer Splashes

Does creative child evangelism pay? “You bet it does!” Barbara Manspeaker, member at the Stanley (Va.) church, will exclaim every time. “Not only does it win children for Jesus, but it teaches them to serve others in their community by raising the moral and spiritual standard.” Stanley members recently took on Summer Splash, a program…

Think Different, actually Do different.

Knowledge is not the same as understanding.   Why am I encouraging you and your ministry leaders to watch this video? Because, for years you have experienced church in a particular fashion.  Your church management system has exposed you to new ways of doing things, but you won’t gain understanding unless you are in it everyday.

Supercharge your Calendar

Today, let’s talk about maximizing your calendar usage by promoting a culture that RSVP.  We are all familiar with the phrase acronym RSVP for special events like weddings and banquets.  A simple RSVP lets people know you’re coming.

Church tongue twisters fail for Gen Z (and how to fix this)

Your ministry needs to speak in a language your parishioners understand so that they will be able to benefit from your instruction. So, as the opening quote says, what is the language of ‘your mind’?

Chalottesville Celebrates With ‘Holy Mess’

harlottesville Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated Sabbath with a ‘holy mess.’ Members participated in the city’s Bike Walk Play JPA, an open street event, which celebrates connections between people, neighborhoods, local organizations and businesses. The event is open to any form of active travel or recreation. “As a church, we bought large canvases which said: Celebrate…

Manassas Continues Building Friendships

Building bridges with the community has been a primary focus for Manassas (Va.) Seventh-day Adventist church members this year. “We’ve been very intentional about reaching out to our local neighborhoods,” said Randy Davis, pastor. “Our community has been very responsive to our efforts in friendship. Several of the community kids have even helped us hand…